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Clove Essential Oil - 15ml

Clove Essential Oil - 15ml


Daisy Cow Clove Essential Oil

Daisy Cow Clove Essential Oil is very helpful for use in blends intended to help relieve pain. It is also a powerful anti-microbial essential oil. However, being referred to as an "anti-microbial" oil does not mean that it is capable of killing all forms of microbes, bacteria and viruses.

Clove Essential Oil can be very irritating to the skin.

Clove Essential Oil is also known for its benefits in dental applications. It's often recommended for use with dental pain. Although numerous sources suggest applying a drop of Clove Essential Oil neat to a painful tooth, it is very potent and using it at full strength for any purpose is not recommended.

For further information we refer you to AromaWeb, our go-to-source for information on essential oils and aromatherapy since 1997.

Daisy Cow Soap and Skincare is Australian owned with our products being made in Rutherglen, Victoria. We are proud members of the Australian Made Campaign.

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