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Daisy Cow Ambience Oils - 50ml

Daisy Cow Ambience Oils - 50ml


Daisy Cow Ambience Oils are a blend of Essential Oils and a non-nut carrier oil. So if you have a family member allergic to nuts, rest easy, the Ambience Oils are nut free.

These Ambience Oils are designed to be used in oil burners, humidifiers, drawer sachets or closet hangs.

For your drawers or closets the simplest method is to place several drops of your favourite oil on a cotton ball or tissue and place in the dresser or wardrobe. In a closet or armoire, you may want to hang a sachet or an organza bag filled with scented cotton balls.

Simply choose your Ambience Oil of choice from our dropdown list

Daisy Cow Soap and Skincare is Australian owned with all products made in Rutherglen, Victoria. We are proud members of the Australian Made Campaign.

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