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Men's 'The Lot' Pack

Men's 'The Lot' Pack


Men's 'The Lot' Pack

The Men's 'The Lot' Pack gives you one of everything in the Men's Range.  We recommend a pack at home and another at work.

The Pack contains:

1 x Men's Wash
1 x Men's Scrub
1 x Men's Lotion
1 x Men's Skin Balm
1 x Men's Lip Balm
1 x Soap (you choose the soap by clicking on the drop down)

All products are unscented except the (Cedarwood|Lemongrass soap) so they won't clash with aftershave or cologne.

All products are natural. No nasties, parabens, sulphates or artificial fragrances.

Daisy Cow products are not tested on animals.

Proudly created and manufactured in regional Victoria, Australia.

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