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Scrub for Men - 240ml

Scrub for Men - 240ml


Scrub for Men - 240ml

Daisy Cow Scrub for Men can be used on your face (gently) as well as your hands and body.  It is ideal for removing grease, grime and dirt.

Here's how to successfully exfoliate your face:

Wet your face and neck with lukewarm warm
Apply a 10 cent sized amount of product on your fingertips
Start on the neck using gentle, circular movements
Work your way up to the face. Avoid the eye area
Rinse off with warm water
You should use a cleanser on your face before applying a scrub, but if you don’t have time to cleanse, a face scrub will work as cleanser and exfoliator.

If you’re oily or thick-skinned, pay extra attention to problem areas such as your T-zone, nose, and chin. Don’t forget to exfoliate your lips – you (and your partner) will appreciate how soft and smooth a little scrub can instantly make them — but never exfoliate around the eyes, as the skin in that area is thin and fragile.

When you're finished, gently pat your face dry with a clean towel. Never rub freshly exfoliated skin because it can potentially irritate and redden.  If needed, follow it with a light coverage of our Lotion for Men.

Daisy Scrub for Men   is all natural containing extra virgin cold-pressed organic olive oil, pumice stone, bees wax, grapeseed extract, manuka honey, borax and pure essential oils.

Daisy Cow products are not tested on animals.

Proudly created and manufactured in regional Victoria, Australia. We are proud to be a certified member of the Australian made campaign. #australianmade

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