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Wash for Men - 240ml

Wash for Men - 240ml


Wash for Men - 240ml

Wash for Men comes in unscented or with Cedarwood & Lemongrass for a fresh, clean smell.  Here are some tips on using our Body Wash.

Using a washcloth will work best to get a gentle lather. Plus, it’ll help scrub away dead skin cells. This Men's Wash is specifically designed to have a gentle lather as when there's little foam, more of your natural oils are left behind, so your skin won't be as quick to dry out.

Body Wash is great at moisturising because of the various oils added to the formulation.

A little goes a long way: Pumping out too much body wash is a common occurrence, so be careful when you do so. Less is more, as too much product can leave you feeling sticky or greasy if you don’t wash it off properly.

When you do rinse it off, it’s best to do so with warm water. Then, follow with a blast of cold water to close your pores (if you can stand it!)

It’s more hygienic than bar soap as often soap is shared between people, and left laying in showers collecting bacteria. So for the germaphobes out there, body wash is your best bet.

Following up by adding Men's Lotion to your skin to combat drying.  Particularly important if you work outside in the sun and wind.

Men's Wash contains: Filtered Water, Coconut Oil, Organic cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, Rosin, Potassium Hydroxide, Pure Essential Oils.

There are no nasties, sulphates, parabens, artificial fragrances or chemicals.

Daisy Cow products are not tested on animals.

Proudly created and manufactured in regional Victoria, Australia

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