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Here are some of the comments and feedback our customers have given us after using Daisy Cow products.

I used itch relief on all my tattoos and never had any problems with itching or fading or anything like that..  Lisa L

My top lip splits in the same place every winter; really painful and nothing seemed to solve the issue. I started using the Daisy Cow itch relief on it two days ago - and it's healed. Thank you!! Gabrielle Nangle

"A few weeks ago my 3 year old son received friction burns to both his arms and was in terrible pain. I immediately grabbed the jar of Daisy Cow Itch Relief and smothered his arms all over and wrapped in bandages.Having used Itch Relief so many times on sunburn and heat burns I didn't hesitate in trusting this product on such a serious injury. It was instant relief for him. He had his arms wrapped for a week with daily dressings and I used the Itch Relief which I have no doubt helped heal and relieve his pain.I have jars everywhere and I cannot thank you enough for making this product".  A Grateful Mother

Thank you so much for your wonderful ointment. (Daisy Cow Itch Relief). My granddaughter's eczema was out of control! Edie just loves your products! Her mum had tried everything!
Happy Grandmother

I ordered your itch relief pack because I know how awesome you are and I believed wholeheartedly in your products BUT I have to say I am so blown away doubly impressed! The value for money is amazing, ALL OF THAT FOR $27! FANTASTIC! The swift arrival unbelievable!  And I'm not clawing my hands til they bleed. Thank you so much xxxx love it, I'm sold, regular customer for life. You're amazing xx  Tash, Montrose

Our 11 year old daughter has had an ongoing battle with ecezma her whole life. I've tried changing washing powder, soaps, shampoo and conditioner. Looked at her diet & searched for triggers that bring on her dry, little lumps and bumps that itch and unfortunately make her feel less pretty than her friends and little sister who does not have ecezma. ...but...after using these products she explains it as "amazing" how much better her skin feels - immediately after applying the ointment and moisturizing cream. She loves the products and I am now lucky enough to have our bathroom, bedroom and school bag stocked up and ready for any outbreaks. . Thankyou "Daisy Cow", for making such a big difference in our little girls life. We will recommend you and always have our cupboards filled with your amazing products!!!  Val Jones

This is the best product I have used on my eczema you can feel it working straight away as I do get it bad on my hands highly recommend this product.  Leanne Miles

I just wanted to send a big thank you for posting my items so quickly. My 3 yo daughter Heidi had a dermatitis on her chin from using her dummy. I've tried everything to clear it up, and nothing has worked. Our day care teacher suggested your products. The itch relief and lip balm has done the job!!! Thank you so much!!  With best wishes and huge thanks. ZoeI had to let you know. I have the loveliest, vague daughter you could imagine. She regularly loses her car keys, phone, wallet ... all show up in odd places such as the freezer, pets food storage etc. so it was no surprise when she took a casserole dish out of the oven (with mitts) to only try and take the lid off with her bare hands. *she forgot* Ouch! I dashed for the Itch Relief and smothered her hand in it, praying it would work. Pain gone within a minute, no blistering, no nothing. You wouldn't know she'd touched anything hot.  We are amazed and ever so thankful. Thank you for making such an awesome product. We'll be telling everyone we know to get some as you just never know when you may need it!  (I'm wishing we'd taken photos. Next time, as there surely will be a next time xx)  Justine, Adelaide

I would just like to write to say how amazed I am with your itch cream, within 2 weeks it has totally cleared up my dermatitis on my hands. I had it for three months and tried so many creams and medications, until I was recommended to you and I decided to try a natural product, thanks heaps Daisy Cow Beth Tornello

I am so in love with Daisy Cow's Itch Relief! My aunty introduced me to it over Christmas in NSW/VIC and I used it on a rash (suspected shingles) on my elbow and it was so incredibly soothing. It was heavenly. Now I'm using it to sooth an allergic reaction to a plant that has caused a hives rash on my leg. I would love so much to see this available in Tassie, but when I run out I will definitely be heading to your website to order more.  Stephie Brooke

Best skin conditioner ever, use it to help heal anything.  Rae Dotchin

This product is hands down the best product on the market. It's so versatile you can use it for everything. I personally do. I carry 1 with me everywhere I go, I have an itch relief tub and applicator and also the soap in my bag. I absolutely love it. Good work Daisy cow. Love your whole range. I also use it on my animals.Our old dog has dermatitis on his back he is forever scratching it and biting his back it's the only thing we've had any success with. I've used it on horses as well.  Tammy

Just wanted to let you know how fabulous your Itch Relief is! I've had it for a while now and have used it on nappy rash, insect bites and burns. I do Crossfit and the other day I tore my hands apart trying to do pullups. 4 days of using your cream and they are well and truly on the mend. Is there anything this cream doesn't fix?
Very happy customer here. Can't recommend your product highly enough.  Kat, Victoria

Recently my 6 year old son burnt his fingers touching the exhaust on a motorbike. Having previously used Daisy Cow Itch Relief for burns I immediately smothered his fingers in Itch Relief ... it provides a seal that stops the air from getting to it and immediately minimises the pain. This product is a miracle, in my opinion. I have jars of it everywhere. I use it on sunburn, dry skin, bites - I even think it keeps mozzies away!  It's amazing and everyone should try it. I can't live without it. I've sent you a picture of my son's hand so you can see the results!  Leanne, Victoria

I 100% love these products. They work miracles! We found that the Itch Relief heals nappy rash in less than 24 hours. Stops the itch and inflammation from annoying mozzie bites. Softens calluses on my hands from CrossFit and heals any tearing super fast. It's amazing when you have dry skin around your nose from having a cold and blowing it too much! I have also used it a number of times on clients' dry/cracked hands and feet. It also makes a nice cuticle treatment.   Sue Owens, Owner of Purley For You Beauty Salon

I won an awesome gift pack from the baby toddler show.  The soaps are incredible. My daughter suffers from dermatitis on her chin and under her neck. The soaps sooth it all out and with the itch relief balm it is incredible.  And the lip balm is for me :)  LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!  Marnie Agius, Melbourne

WOW LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS  My husband who never comments on products loves your soap and raves about it to everyone -why because it works, he is a mechanic who gets dirty grotty and grimy so he wants something that gets him clean. Peta Wall

Daisy Cow Itch Relief can be used for so many things. I was at a mate's house for a birthday BBQ. While cooking the BBQ my mate burnt his hand with hot oil. Looked bad and he was in a lot of pain. It was a long way into town and it was late at night. We cleaned his hand, went to the car and got the tub of Itch Relief. Within a minute the pain was gone and the next day it was remarkable how much it had healed.  I have used Itch Relief for healing clean cuts on my horses and sheep/rams, damaged tree trunks (yes it works on trees!), bug bites and sunburn. Also good on healed tattoos to help prevent fading.  Thought you'd like to know.   Mick, Country Victoria

18 years ago I got a paralysis tick. Being unfamiliar with this kind of thing, the tick stayed in my body for 3 days. The symptoms were severe and debilitating and ongoing One of the continuing symptoms was skin sores. I have probably spent thousands of dollars looking for remedies to the sometimes extremely painful and itchy nature of these sores. They persist. However, with the constant application of your itch cream (Daisy Cow Itch Relief), and regular washing the affected areas of my skin with your sap, I have experienced marked relief in terms of how quickly these sores heal and how much less painful and itchy they are. I believe the constituents of your product must "feed" the skin in some way. I am truly grateful. THANK YOU. Lani

I am absolutely blown away with this amazing product. . My daughter has suffered psoriasis since she was a baby she is now 12 and we have struggled to find something to help. We have tried everything i could find on the market to help heal it and give her some comfort on her hand especially our most recent attempt was a natural cream from our local chemist which after 1 application burnt her skin resulting in it peeling and becoming so raw she was in tears.. she then had a sleepover at a friends and used some daisy cow itch relief they had purchased from a market and after using it twice we are absolutely blown away by how much it has helped.. this looks a million percent to what it was so obviously i have just made my first order and can not wait for it to arrive. .. thanks so much for these amazing products.. we are finally seeing some relief after many many years of suffering.  Jayarna Britt

I purchased one of your soaps. It caught my eye with the non-itch. I gave it to my 10 yo who has had issues over the years. A week later, she has come to me and said that she is using it on the most itchy parts of her (and normal soap on others) and "can I find more of that cow soap because it stops me itching". Lucky when I typed "cow soap" and "green" (only thing I can remember of the packet) you guys came up! I chatted further with her to make sure her itching is resolved with the soap, and she said yes, I now only get "the ordinary itches - you know when you itch your nose or your neck or your legs or your wrists". No, I don't get those itches! Turns out the issues she had as a baby, didn't go away, she just stopped complaining! So after the success of the soap (and I have said she should use it for all of her body), I am really keen to try the cream for itch relief too! Anyway, thank goodness for random finds heh?!  Bec McClellan

I have had stretch marks all three pregnancies in the same spot. This time around, in particular, they have driven me nuts - to the point they bleed after I scratch them because they itch so much.After my mum gave me her Itch Relief last week I applied immediately and was shocked to find the itching stopped immediately!Mum gave me here to use and I use it once a day and have had no problems since, not to mention how much better they look. You can hardly seem them again. Yay!! Just wanted to say thank you for your amazing product and it truly has become my new "can't live without" product I'll be using on the whole family. Siobhan

Daisy Baby Balm is magic. I've been using on cuts from gardening, dry skin & bites on my son. And now dad is using it on his dry skin condition on his face. The whole family loves it! My son calls it 'the magic creme'!!  Adelaide Polis, Melbourne

Thanks Sue for the call letting me know I have won a baby basket!! So excited. My daughters skin loves your products, so glad we could benefit from the baby daisy bag we purchased at the toddler and baby show :) Paulette, Wodonga

Thank you so much for the lip balm crème from the baby and toddler show it has worked magic on my sons skin and fixed up his red rash on his legs (from his fat rolls rubbing) and the drool rash on his chin. Tamika, Melbourne

The itch relief cream is amazing, it was recommended to me by Lisa Laffan Evolution-Nails, its brilliant for hard skin on your feet and last night I put it on some mossie bites, well I cant believe the difference it has made this product is fantastic ! Wendy Hayward

WOW, what can say Sue except, THANK YOU !.. 1.5 days of using the Itch Relief and no a single itch or tingle of an itch.. its amazing.. awesome product ..THANKYOU !  Almost 4 weeks on and my daughter hasn't had any issues.. I cant believe the problem was solved so quickly! Itch Relief is an awesome product and all the lotions,potions,creams and ointments we had previously been prescribed have been tossed out... Thanks so much Sue.  Diana Basso, Victoria

Just wanted comment that I brought some of your itch relief today at the Somerville Market for my daughter who was helping me (I was a stall holder) as she was bitten really badly and the bites flaired up in massive welts all over her arms and legs!  I have to say within 5 mins of applying the cream the itching was gone and has remained gone ever since! As the mother of the a child with senstive skin who gets bitten by everything - and nothing ever seems to stop the itching (and complaining) I am delighted to have found something that really works!  I made a comment on your facebook page as I would recommend this product to everyone! Thank you so much!  Jodie, The Peninsula

I recently was given a sample of the Daisy Cow Itch Cream and then purchased some from Amcal Dalby Pharmacy, in Queensland. I have never found any thing so good. I have had several problems and this is amazing. I had developed a sun sensitivity on my arms during menopause and since and I found nothing could relieve the itch except ice packs. Even with every kind of cream and sun screen and a full lenght shirt. until I tried this product. It is wonderful. Great on mosie bites. My best friend uses the shampoo as she has always suffered with an itchy scalp and the only time she had any relief was after chemo her hair fell out, now she is very happy using the shampoo and finding it wonderful.  Ros Schelbach

I wanted to send my thanks to you for producing such an amazing product.  My son Charlie who is 18 months old has suffered from eczema since he was born. We have purchased every product at the chemist and also continued with prescribed ointments and unfortunately have had no luck keeping the eczema at bay.  In the last two weeks since the weather has been warmer Charlie’s skin has completely broken out and been the worst it’s ever been. Covered from head to toe with bright red welts which some have become infected. We have covered poor Charlie in the best products we thought we could find, but still could bring him no relief.  Until we found your product! My sister in law purchased some itchy relief from the Yarrawonga Farmers Market and we thought we’d give it a go. I’ve used it two nights in a row now and this morning I was so pleased to find that 90% of Charlie’s eczema had completely disappeared. It’s amazing!  Thank you so much for making something so amazing, and something that has brought such relief to my little man. He has been sleeping through the night and has been much more content during the day. As a first time Mum I have found Charlie’s eczema very distressing and I now feel I can rest easy knowing I’ve found your products. You will see my name regularly making orders from now on, and I will tell everyone I know with children with the same problems to go to your website and order this fantastic product.  We really can’t thank you enough!!!  Name Withheld

I have been an avid user of a very well known natural body butter for a couple of years now on my children’s skin until a friend suggested I try Daisy Cow Soap Body Butter. I prefer to use natural products especially because of my 10 year old sons battle with persistent skin eczemaand allergic skin reactions. I contacted Suzie about this and she tailor made a lavender body butter that would be great for my son but also for my 2 year olds skin and help her sleep. I am happy to say that I fell in love with it after the first use and have only been using Daisy Cow Body Butter on her skin ever since (an added bonus is that it costs 1/3 of the price!). I love how it absorbs into her skin quickly and leaves it so soft and smooth but more importantly she doesn’t get oily and slippery like other products can make her – which can be quite dangerous, and it smells just divine!  Rhiannon

Hi Sue,  Just wanted to say a huge thank you! I just love your products and the Itch Relief cream has done wonders for my ezcema! I get ezcema really badly on my hands and used the Itch Relief to see how it went and within 1 hour my hand was so much better. It was so soothing and gave my hands so much relief! Thanks again. I will definitely be using this regularly to help with my eczema.  Cheers, Nicole

Oh we do love your soap. Will be heading back to the next Yarrawonga markets to get a trailer load – well perhaps not that much. My son’s skin has cleared up so much and then every night we pop some itch relief behind his knees, we use to have to put it on his shoulders and behind his neck. Its great stuff. Suzanne

Just want to let you know how delighted I am with the Daisy Cow soap. Since I’ve been using it during the past week or two, all the itchy, red lumps on my hands have cleared up!! Almost every soap or handwash I have used leaves my skin with severe allergic reactions … in need of instant moisturising to relieve the symptoms. But with Daisy Cow, NO allergic reactions!!!! And NO need to moisturise!! As you can imagine, I’m the one “over the moon”, forget about the cow!!   Louise, Melbourne